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Новости NEXA Community

Всем привет друзья ✌️ и особенно те кто интересуется монетой nexa. В telegram-канале появилась интересная новость, её содержимое я решил поделиться с вами. 

Good day, Nexa Community!
It's time to rally the troops. Today we are announcing a new crowdfunding campaign. 🙌🏻

In our approach to growing Nexa into a top-notch quality project, we recently released an exciting and packed Q4 roadmap. While we have already accomplished a few of the goals, there’s still much work to be done. One of these tasks is to get Nexa exposed on more mid-tier exchanges. ⚡️✨

This results in the fact that all of us, as a community, are called to help the project grow and move towards becoming a top-tier cryptocurrency. One of the steps to achieve this goal is to crowdfund new exchanges. 🔥

We kindly ask that the community unite together and contribute what you can. Our strong community plays an integral role in raising these funds.

Please make sure to read underneath article for more detailed information. 👇🏻


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